Our patented tools and algorithms have been integrated to create ready-to-use products.

We meld GIS with cutting edge technology to provide holistic solutions. We have built targeted products on our platform based on our experience of the kind of challenges our customers face. Identifying and tapping into niche requirements of the evolving market, we place your business analytics on the map and your operations on the cloud, converting data to decisions.


A microservices based integrated platform.

A geospatial big data visualization engine, with the ability to connect with multiple types of datasets. Built around a data lake and microservices-based architecture, this engine is capable of handling extremely large geospatial datasets.

The tools included in the platform include AI based image processing tools to enable fast feature extraction, a spatial query system to perform fast spatial searches, and an intuitive reporting system to derive intelligence at the click of a button.


A solution to cracking messy Indian addresses.


Addresses into sub-components like street names, locality names, pin codes etc. for a hierarchical component matching.


Latitude and longitude of structured addresses using our extensively verified home-brewed database.

Geocoder tokenizes an address into its key components and performs a top-down search for the address. Starting from pin code, the address components are matched against our address database. This narrows the search for the next component to inside the pin code boundary and so on. Our database is a combination of in-situ curation as well as the best ex-situ data suppliers. 


A one-stop product for your business needs and insights.

There is a growing consumer diversity in a single locality. It has become essential to recognise consumer segments on a granular level to plan efficient business strategies. Geomarketeer is a market segmentation tool that uses geospatial intelligence to visualise your market for making smarter decisions.

Geomarketeer’s micro-level data is so rich and precise that even two sides of a street may reveal different information.  Our product not only incorporates data on the income of the consumers, but also their spending patterns and lifestyle.