GeoSpoc has built a customer guided, easy to use hologram authentication system where by using a smart phone the authenticity of a 2D/3D hologram can be verified. The patent pending algorithm has been built using machine learning and deep learning technology


Document Digitization

Helps in digitization of paperwork where an algorithm is built to read and extract content from images and standard PDF forms, which can then be stored into a database. This can be used by insurance companies, banks, law firms and large corporations, reducing hours of manual labour


Aerial Image Processing

GeoSpoc processes satellite/drone imagery to:
• Analyse crop health, plant height, crop yield and plant count
• Volumetric estimation for a mining company
• Identify Gas tanks across the nation
• Generating 3D surfaces and contours for a government enterprise

Algorithm development

Utilizing the latest development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we build complex algorithms to process imagery and produce information products. These range from biomass estimation to asset classification. This has applications in forestry, agriculture, mining and infrastructure management.


Classification is a process by which all pixels in a digital image are categorized into one of several land cover classes, or theme. This categorized data can then be used to produce thematic maps of the land cover present in an image.


Restoring satellite imagery by removing the noise or corruption in the image. Images need to be restored so that they can then be utilised for various analysis.


Image enhancement is primarily done to make the image more suitable for processing than the original image. It sharpens image features such as edges, boundaries, or contrast to make graphic display more helpful for display and analysis.