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GeoSpoc at ESRI UK!

The first batch of the GeoSpoc Graduate Programme had the chance to work closely with ESRI UK this September. We spent a month training at the ESRI UK headquarters in Aylesbury. This offered a great learning opportunity technically and culturally. Technically, we gained a better insight into GIS and ESRI UK platforms. Culturally, we experienced office life in the UK and explored south Britain for a month. 

We joined GeoSpoc as Development Interns in December 2016 and had the opportunity to work on some unique GIS projects. Pursuing Geoinformatics as our masters, we looked for companies that stood out. Being a start-up, GeoSpoc allowed us to delve into diverse roles in the organization. Each day offered something new to work on as we polished not only our technical skills, but also communication and creative problem solving skills. By mid 2017, we were working as full-time GIS Developers with GeoSpoc.

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When the opportunity to train at ESRI UK turned up in mid 2018, GeoSpoc trusted us to be the first ambassadors of GeoSpoc at ESRI UK. GeoSpoc ensured we were prepared and we were selected after extensive interviews to join the Technical Analyst Team of ESRI UK in September 2018.

The Technical Analyst Team provided technical assistance to ESRI users for any issues faced while using its products and services. We trained to be able to resolve customer cases and queries for the ESRI product suite. The team dynamically solved challenging use-cases and strengthened our understanding of ESRI tools from a back-end perspective. 

We also got to work with niche UK-based products. Knowing that it was our first trip to the UK, people at ESRI UK left no stone unturned to make us feel welcome. Everyone was receptive to ideas and very easy to chat with. The people at ESRI UK were also keen to learn about the Indian culture and had interesting conversations with us over food and drinks. 

It wasn’t all work, work, work! Weekday evenings were characterized by quiet strolls by the canal and shopping at Tesco in the peaceful town of Aylesbury. We also had our share of exploring south Britain every weekend, visiting London, Brighton, Oxford, and Bath. Weather was not the best companion, with rainy weather all weekend, followed by sunshine on Mondays.

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The last day was the most memorable. Our hard work came to fruition and the ESRI UK team appreciated our work and gave us an amazing feedback. They were happy to have us and were keen on having us back. We felt proud to have represented GeoSpoc at ESRI UK as their first graduates and solidifying a lasting collaboration. We gained a plethora of back-end experience in the ESRI software. Altogether, we returned with many memories and fine-tuned GIS skills, something we would love to do all over again.


Abhishek Dashpute, Alak Gala | GIS Developers, GeoSpoc

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