Solar Panel Anomaly Detection

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The Challenge

Managing and maintaining large scale solar farms incurs high labor cost and time. Identifying faults in individual solar panels requires a high skillset and detail-oriented approach. Hence, a great amount of resources is spent on trying to identify faults in such large networks. Not only is this uneconomical, but also detrimental to response-times of repairs, and consequently, reducing the efficiency of solar power production. 

The Solution

Drone surveys of solar farms captured thermal imagery over large areas with high resolution. Our image analysis experts quality-checked the data and stitched images to an orthomosaicThis was followed by demarcating panel arrays and running algorithms to detect anomalies in individual panels Anomalies included abnormally reflecting panels due to physical wear such as cell-break, hot-spots, dead-spots, debris etc. This was then summarized in reports to be delivered to the client for managing the solar farm efficiently.

The Result

Intelligent and efficient management of large solar farms extending for acres, reduces labor cost and time. By reducing number of feet on the ground, inspection takes days, not weeks. This prevents frequent outage by enabling a timely response to perform streamlined repairs and maintain the efficiency of power production. 

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