Monitoring Crop Health and Yield


The Challenge

Monitoring crop health, growth, and yield; manually; over fields extending for acres is difficult. Crop health is important to identify disease outbreak and nutrient deficiencies, while crop yield helps in quantifying the seed productivity.

The Solution

Raw drone data was acquired over the fields of interest. Using thermal and multi-spectral sensors, relevant data was captured. The data was mapped and tagged to the fields and then plant based statistics were calculated using proprietary algorithms. These were then processed into map layers that the user could interact with on a web map.

The Result

This process generated plant counts and allowed yield forecasts. It also enabled assessment and monitoring of plant health throughout the growing season using vegetation indices. Such analysis helped in quantifying seed productivity which is important for seed manufacturers and to farmers in terms of calculating economic gain/loss. In a nutshell, drone surveying and image analysis inculcated smarter, sustainable, and profitable agricultural practices.

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