Market Optimization of Retail Outlets

FMCG and Retail

The Challenge

Targeting the wrong consumer segment in your store catchment can significantly reduce business and increase competition. Our client wanted to understand the marketing potential of their existing business outlets and improve their wallet share. 

Our customised data was used to refocus the business strategy to intelligently leverage optimal markets and consumers in the store catchment.  

  • What is the demographic and ethnic spread in my store catchment?  
  • What are the most profitable consumer and market segments?  
  • Am I focusing my efforts towards towards the right consumer segment?  
  • What merchandise/product is in high demand for the target consumer segment? 

The Solution

Our product, Geomarketeer, has customized micro-level demographic data on income and spending patterns. This provided actionable market insights to the client to determine how lucrative each store was based on its location. Granular demographic data helped them target consumers in their store catchments to increase their wallet share.  

Geomarketeer’s interactive web map visualized market catchments of existing stores. This provided granular insights into the customer profile and catchment demographics. Based on this, catchment reports supplied concrete numbers for a statistical understanding to reveal micro market insights.

The Result

Using our granular level data, our client got an insight into their existing markets and how they can tap their potential. They could visualise and statistically analyse their micro-markets. The result was an increase in spend at store and wallet share through targeted merchandising intervention.

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