Finding Optimal Store Locations for a premium coffee chain

FMCG and Retail

The Challenge

Opening outlets in the wrong location costs more business in the long term than spending efforts in selecting the ideal space. Deciding where to expand business was crucial for the premium coffee chain to beat the competitive market. The following questions come to mind before selecting a location to open a new outlet.  

  • Which consumer segment to target?  
  • Which market segment to target?  
  • Where are my best customers?  
  • Where are my competitors? 

The Solution

Our product, Geomarketeer, has customized micro-level demographic data on income and spending patterns. This streamlined a premium coffee chain’s business efforts by identifying optimal locations for opening new outlets.  

Geomarketeer’s interactive web map visualized customized catchments. This provided granular insights into the customer profile and catchment demographics. Based on this, catchment reports supplied concrete numbers for a statistical understanding. 

The Result

This resulted in a better and spatially intelligent decision making for selecting new store locations and get a competitive edge.

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