Farm Assessment for insurance

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The Challenge

The insurance company’s field agents that survey land for crop insurance are assigned to Khasras in a village. However, their location needs to be verified while they are on the ground to ensure that they are surveying the correct land in the correct Khasra. This is important as these Crop Cutting Experiments are done against the provided Khasra numbers. The agents are required to assess the status and health of the farmland and its crops. Field survey is conducted before providing crop insurance, and before claim settlement. Field agents need quick status reports of their location to cover a large area. However, an absence of a centralized database providing such information in real-time reduced efficiency of field visits.

The Solution

The cadastral data was mapped and tagged to the exact locations. This was then used to verify the GPS location of field agents against their respective survey locations. Once verified, the agents then required information on the crop health. For real-time status on crop and land health, we created a GIS-based web portal to integrate satellite data and run set models of vegetation indices. The algorithms used calculated these indices on the fly and delivered the data back to the agent on his mobile app.

The Result

Real-time status reports from a central portal increased efficiency of field surveys in terms of accuracy and time. Information on crop health using different vegetation indices enabled smarter and quicker decision-making for crop insurance. The insurance company could also track the status of their insured farmlands and have information in advance of a claim.

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