Estimation of Rooftop Solar Potential

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The Challenge

Identification of rooftop potential for solar power using traditional methods is time consuming and lacks precision. This hinders targeting a big market and area for expansion.

The Solution

Our experts used satellite imagery to segregate the entire area into commercial and residential plots. Segmentation was followed by quantification, where the potential of individual rooftops to generate solar energy was calculated and geotagged. We also calculated the current energy saving with the potential for energy saving after installation of solar panels. Combining the two above with monthly solar radiation, we compiled our analysis into reports depicting the favorable month along with a market assessment for solar panels activation and installation.

The Result

Estimating rooftop potential using remote sensing helped get insights on solar capacity of individual buildings covering a large area, saving resources spent on ground surveys. The rooftop potential report provided a targeted marketing profile that enabled higher conversions for campaigns. Calculating energy saving potential promoted the case for using renewable energy sources in residential and commercial complexes. 

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