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We unmask the potential of geospatial analytics to serve a cross-industry client base

Location is the key to unlocking the value of intelligent insights. From B2B services to aiding relief efforts during natural hazards, our location-based expertise enables agencies with the tools for planning and decision-making. 


Smarter and sustainable agricultural practices are the way ahead.

At a time when feeding the growing population is become even more difficult, we utilize GIS and remote sensing techniques to strategize crop management.


Geographic patterns help understand risk profile.

Visualize trends and patterns on maps to identify where the high risk or potential customers come from and streamline entry and exit strategies. 

Energy and Utilities

Power is Power. Energy is the key to development, but so is capital management.

Make assets and operations management more efficient and reduce response time for maintenance using geospatial planning.

FMCG and Retail

Location analytics can put the where in your business.

Identify where your customers are, or where you need to put your next store, to make smarter decisions for growing your business.

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