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Shared Data Platforms Geospatial

Shared data platforms – A Geospatial perspective

With new technologies flooding in every day, it is hard to keep up with the updates. The need for shared data platforms is a valuable resource for keeping up with recent innovations. Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned that interactive maps can provide greater awareness and context. Allowing diverse groups to act… Read More »Shared data platforms – A Geospatial perspective

Ozone monitoring Geospatial

Ozone Monitoring – A Geospatial Perspective

Geospatial mapping and the earth observation industry is booming. Along with it, we are discovering patterns around the globe that alter human life on this planet in real-time. Consumer mobility is at a precipice, where sustainable alternatives in mobility are within reach for everyone. Urban planning, infrastructure development, manufacturing, are… Read More »Ozone Monitoring – A Geospatial Perspective