Non-performing assets

Use geographic patterns to understand your risk profile. Heat maps can help understand where your high risk customers are coming from also enables you to drive entry and exit strategy using location analytics

Performance Monitoring

The profitability of the Bank depends on improving customer services and attracting new customers. The bank branch and ATM is still a key vehicle to achieve both measures. Selecting the right location for your bank branch and ATM is crucial to the growth of your business and the retention of your customers

Asset Management

It allows industries to monitor and manage their assets efficiently with optimal resources. For example ATM centres can be regularly monitored and maintained. GIS enables them to find out when was the last time the machine was updated, what is the cash flow that happens at a particular ATM, how many transactions happen in a day, is there a requirement for a new machine within the same premises or the existing one is enough

Sales & Marketing

Planning future growth becomes easier when you know where to open a new branch or where to place a hoarding to maximize visibility for your brand. Location analytics can help banks profile their market giving them an idea where their subscribers are based. Once the customers are mapped, planning marketing and sales content according to their needs becomes easier

Identify Market to Services Gaps

Using demographic information and geographic location of customers financial institutions can identify the service gaps in a particular area and can launch or find an affiliate/partner to provide the required services

Field Force and Territory Optimization

Mobile Apps are being used widely by organizations for their geographically dispersed field force which enables planning, territory optimization, reporting and sharing, with geo enabled application the field forces reach right customers at the right time and at the right location.