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Geo-Analytics for BFSI
Geo-Analytics for BFSI 150 150 geospoc

GeoSpoc is a young, vibrant company led by an enthusiastic team of highly qualified professionals.We are committed to providing best quality service in time to meet customers’ demands.GIS is one of most rapidly growing industry in India and around the globe right now. And with numerous applications in this developing world; we bring you some of…

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The Design Workflow Pyramid
The Design Workflow Pyramid 923 798 geospoc

What makes something well designed? The design is about creating something for your viewing pleasure taking up the challenge of solving a problem, something that doesn’t just work but also tells you how to use by having just a glimpse at it. It does not matter if it’s flat or material as long as it…

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Why we love using Machine Learning for Computer Vision ( And You Should too! )
Why we love using Machine Learning for Computer Vision ( And You Should too! ) 1024 767 geospoc

Computer Vision(CV) and Machine Learning(ML) are two of the most sought after branches of Computer Science that can power very sophisticated systems but when you combine the two, you can achieve even more. Both CV and ML are not dependent on each other, you don’t have to understand one to learn the other, however, in…

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GeoSpoc at RISE Mumbai
GeoSpoc at RISE Mumbai 1024 768 geospoc

Last month, we were at the launch of Rise Mumbai by Barclays and 91Springboard. We were selected as one of the 6 fin-tech startups to present to a group of internal Barclays management as well as an audience of VC’s, other banks and financial institutions. The day was filled with the energy and vibrancy of…

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