January 22, 2019

GeoSpoc formally announces its expansion in to a new office in London. With Gopi Krishna S Garge as the Head of Operations in the UK, GeoSpoc aims to have a local presence to serve its growing client base in the UK and extends its geospatial services to more industries. GeoSpoc is also looking at diversifying its talent pool with new geographies. GeoSpoc has set up in London to be easily approachable and be at the heart of the UK’s commercial environment.

Gopikrishna Garge
Gopi Krishna Garge, Head of UK Operations

Gopi Krishna S Garge is a seasoned professional in the internet, networking and security industry. He is a veteran researcher in data networking technologies. Gopi’s extensive work history adds a valuable asset to GeoSpoc’s mission of fusing geospatial intelligence with unique technology.

Here is an exclusive interview with Gopi Krishna S Garge, who came down to GeoSpoc’s head office in Pune to interact with its employees and to talk about GeoSpoc’s future in the UK.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I come from an electrical engineering and computer science background, and have spent most of my career (nearly 2 decades) in IISc Bangalore. Highlights of my work at IISc involved being part of the team that brought internet to India and setting up the IOT (Internet of Things). I’ve also been associated as a consultant with several organizations such as Bank of India. Having a firm belief in open source, I also looked at popularizing the use of Linux. We hosted several events for open source when Linux used to come in floppies. Our events gathered a lot of attention and open source really caught up in India.

I moved to the UK in 2011, where I have been freelancing in data networking and IOT. I also have an interest in building IOT based consumer products. About 3 months ago, I had an opportunity to join the GeoSpoc family. Geolocation is almost becoming a basic need for many applications and it cuts across diverse verticals – whether its healthcare or disaster management. A geotag to data goes a long way. I’m quite keen on looking at how General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts an important attribute of data like location.

How did you come in contact with GeoSpoc?

I’ve known Dhruva (CEO, GeoSpoc) and Krishna (Executive Director, GeoSpoc) for a very long time. Our ongoing interaction finally culminated into being asked to manage operations in the UK as GeoSpoc was looking to expand.

What is your vision for GeoSpoc in the UK?

I want to see GeoSpoc diversify its application areas and also want to get my skills in security into GeoSpoc’s structure. I see a gap in the healthcare industry in the UK when it comes to location analytics. This is somewhere I see GeoSpoc diversifying. Also, working with 3rd sector organizations in the UK to address needs will be a good way to use our skills. I also want to look at tying GeoSpoc’s geospatial prowess with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or image recognition, and innovate by merging these areas together.

What kind of challenges do you foresee trying to establish GeoSpoc in the UK?

A major challenge I foresee is acquiring the right set of skills locally, as outsourcing poses another set of logistical challenges. This could be overcome by working with career services at universities across the UK and offering a graduate programme.