About Us

When vision meets passion.

At GeoSpoc, we go above and beyond to solve business problems with location data. We are a melting pot of technologists, evangelists and pathfinders who all work together to build solutions that bring value to the table. We work with you to understand your requirements and provide a hassle-free experience towards a solution.


Our Values


Customer success, brand management and building relationships


Reliabilty, consistency and accuracy in our services and products


Creativity in thinking, inspiring high


Respect, communicate and share ideas within the team


Transparency and trust
in all your

What We Believe

“Concepts to products, problems to solutions. Fusing geospatial analytics with pioneering technologies, GeoSpoc strives to equip organisations with the tools for intelligent decision-making today; for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

The Leaders Who Make It Possible

Dhruva Rajan


Johann Sanfrancisco


Krishna Rajan

Executive Director

Archie Menezes

President US Operations

Gopi Krishna Garge

Head of Operations UK

Our Story


GeoSpoc incubated as an idea at a Barista coffee shop in Pune in the summer of 2014. Three friends got together to work on an idea to utilize geospatial tools to deliver value to the Indian ecosystem of businesses and not for profits.


In June 2015, we converted to a private limited company, moved into a formal office and hired the first few employees. We managed to get a few contracts from the local university and a few businesses that understood the value of data and maps. One particularly interesting project was for a political party in Bengaluru, which assisted their election campaign tremendously.


Our team grew to about 18 people. We landed our first big contract with a large finance company. It was a long term deal and changed the way we looked at working with big customers. We were a part of Aditya Birla’s BizLabs accelerator program, in which we made all the way to the final (1200 companies participated and only 3 made it to the final stage). Spending time with Kumar Mangalam Birla was one of the highlights of the year.


Our growth trajectory continued in India as we ventured into newer technologies and markets. We opened our first offshore office in the USA towards the later half of the year as we focused our energies into making GeoSpoc a truly global company. The GeoSpoc family also grew from 18 to 30 people.


Our growth doubled in terms of employees and customers. We diversified into more industries to provide services in the UK and USA. We expanded and opened an office in the UK. We invested in product development and launched our retail product for India called Geomarketeer. It is now being used by half a dozen companies and continues to grow. We also invested heavily in building our own platform called GeoQI. This will be released in early 2019.

When Passion Meets Ambition

GeoSpoc boasts its flexibility and adaptability in terms of ideas and work roles. Our core value inspires a self-motivated environment and to go that extra mile. Wrapping our global talent around some of the most experimental and innovative mechanism, we gear people to become future leaders and innovators.

We Care for our Society

We are at a crucial juncture where our society and planet need our help. We should take responsibility for the world that we live and survive on. We acknowledge the role that GIS and Remote Sensing plays in environmental sustainability and preservation, giving us the ability to make a positive impact on the world.