Success Stories


Strategized farm management practices using spatial analysis and image processing to enable sustainability and growth


Planning of entry and exit strategies using location-based risk analysis, unearthed through geographic patterns.

Energy and Utilities

Optimized capital and power production through real time monitoring of assets and operations for a planned incident response.

FMCG and Retail

Placement of market insights on a map to put the "where" in the business to intelligently decide locations for new stores.

Our Clients

A glimpse into our cross-industry client-base.

What We Do

Geospatial First

Everything happens somewhere. Our focus on geospatial enables us to see patterns which are difficult using traditional data analytics and visualization.


The best solutions are simple, but finding them requires skill and experienceOur experience of supporting a myriad of cross-industry clients gives us a unique perspective to solve complex challenges.


Targeted products for specific challenges. We’ve integrated our patented tools and algorithms on our platform into products, based on the kind of challenges our customers face. Leverage this learning to your benefit.

In our drive for innovation, we are constantly building the next generation of products and tools. Take a peek at our work in progress.

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Progressive Applications

Utilizing progressive web apps that act as native applications, allowing you the performance of a native app with none of the hassles.

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Blockchain Integration

Developing blockchains to step into a more secure future of data curation and management.