Why GeoSpoc ?

GeoSpoc is a GIS and geospatial analytics company, delivering niche location-based solutions, services and products to diverse verticals such as BFSI, Retail, FMCG, Smart Cities and Infrastructure. GeoSpoc provides consulting, implementation, customization, application development, support and integration with existing business systems across multiple platforms and industries.

We at GeoSpoc, have enabled industries worldwide to maximize their potential by leveraging space and location. Through GIS, we help organizations visualize, question, analyze and interpret data to recognize patterns and identify trends. This directly leads to optimize costs, improve decision-making and significantly increase overall efficiency. We help organizations understand and explore their data from a geospatial perspective to maximize their revenue and potential.


Cutting Edge GIS Solutions

Our unique skillset allows us to adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing technology scene. We meld geospatial analytics with machine learning and big data on scalable cloud-based platforms to bring you incredible computing power at your doorstep.


Image Processing

The increasing availability of satellite and drone imagery has opened doors to new forms of micro-location geospatial analytics. Our expertise remote sensing helps you get the best out of drone and satellite imagery, through object detection, vegetation indices and more, having applications from agriculture, oil and gas to infrastructure and environmental conservation.


Geospatial Analytics

Geospatial analytics allow you to convert your customer data into actionable insights. We answer the question of ‘where’ and apply our expertise in data layering and analytics to solve complex business problems.


Enterprise Solutions

In a world of ‘X as a Service’, we also provide bespoke applications that sit on your infrastructure, on-premise. This allows you complete control over your data and keeps it safe. Our solutions work alongside most leading CRM and ERP systems to allow you easy access to geospatial information in the comfort of your own systems.

Customized GIS Solutions

At GeoSpoc, we embed geospatial intelligence which enables organizations to take the GIS approach towards solving business problems and fuelling growth.

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